ROMIR and National Research University Higher School of Economics survey: Russians are optimistic about the development of information technologies, but fear for data security

ROMIR Research Holding Company together with the School of Communications of the National Research University Higher School of Economics conducted a study on the topic "Information Technologies in the Perception of Russians". The purpose of the study was to assess the attitude of Russians to information technologies and to identify the main concerns and expectations related to their development. read more

Transformation of the world and methods of social measurements

Andrey Milekhin spoke at the plenary session of the "II Mironov Readings" at Lomonosov Moscow State University. During his speech, he said that social research approaches and methods of metrics today need to be transformed. According to Milekhin, sociology as a science is changing against the widespread development of so-called "big data", and therefore it needs new approaches and methods. read more

The training program of the Winter Sociological School was opened with a lecture by Andrey Milekhin

A training program for students of humane studies "Winter Sociological Online School" has been launched. It was organized by the Higher School of Modern Social Sciences of Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Romir Research Holding (part of M-Holding). Alexander Grebenyuk, Doctor of Economics, Deputy Director of the Higher School of State Audit of Lomonosov Moscow State University, delivered a welcoming speech to the participants. The educational program was opened by a lecture by Andrey Milekhin, Doctor of Sociology, founder of M-Holding, President of Romir. read more

On Science Day, Happy birthday to Andrey Milekhin, founder of M-Holding and President of Romir

It is symbolic that the Day of Russian Science is celebrated on February 8 - the Andrey Milekhin's birthday. Under the leadership of Andrey Milekhin an energetic and enthusiastic research team was formed in the holding. An attentive attitude to the observance of the scientific approach distinguishes M-Holding’s all areas of activity. Andrey Milekhin as founder of M-Holding. read more

Romir and Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry A. I. Evdokimov discussed the prospects for cooperation

The founder of M-Holding, President of Romir Andrey Milekhin spoke about the need to update modern research methods together with the scientific community for a comprehensive study of human and society as a whole. Rector of the University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Yanushevich focused the attention on the need for joint interdisciplinary research on human problems, taking into account modern achievements in science and technology. read more

Andrey Milekhin about the adaptation of Russian consumers (Bloomberg)

“Most of the population is getting accustomed to the situation,” said Andrei Milekhin, president of Romir, an independent research center in Moscow. read more

The President of Romir Andrey Milekhin took part in the meeting of the Expert Council of Business Owners and Directors

Participants discussed the global reshuffling of forces in key Russian and world markets, import substitution, measures of state support, relating unfolding events on domestic and international capital markets as well as features of management in a crisis. Andrey Milekhin delivered a speech on the theme: "About the man in figures". read more

People seem to get more accustomed to living with a pandemic

Global public opinion however seems now more critical towards the idea of sacrificing human rights (down by 10 percentage points) although willingness to sacrifice rights against the virus still prevails. The shadow of doubt in the effectiveness of the main tool to fight the disease – the vaccines – is increasing as half of the surveyed around the world are not sure if vaccines actually work. The perceptions on Covid as a threat are rather preserved in recent years. read more

Comparing to twenty years ago: more than half of Russians are satisfied with the quality of Medical Services they receive

«In 2020, according to a global survey by Romir and GlobalNR, Russia ranked penultimate in the Health Index. But the dynamics over the 20-year trend indicates positive changes. With another surge in disease incidence, people feel that the healthcare system is beginning to cope with the new challenges of the pandemic», – said Andrey Milekhin, President of Romir, founder of the Mile group, Doctor of Sociology. read more

Andrey Milekhin made a speech at the scientific seminar in Lomonosov Moscow State University

Andrey Milekhin, the President of ROMIR holding company, Doctor of Sociology delivered a presentation on «Statistics, Sociology, Big Data: triangle of conflict or of harmony» at the scientific seminar on Methodology and expertise of statistical research «Realistic modeling». read more

Mile Group and MSU Launch a New Educational Program

The program will be led by Andrey Vladimirovich Milekhin, Doctor of Sociology, founder of Mile group and Vice President of Gallup International Association; Grebenyuk Alexander Alexandrovich, Doctor of Economics, Deputy Director for Research at the School of Contemporary Social Sciences (Department) of Lomonosov Moscow State University. read more

20 Years Later: How Russian’s Expectations Have Changed

35% of the respondents expect an improvement in their finances, whereas in 2002 this number was higher at 49%In 2022. Today young people aged 25–34 (47%) and people aged 35–44 (42%) are the most optimistic about the future of their finances. read more

Mile People Data Technology wins "Time for Innovation" award at Dubai Expo

Mile group's project - Mile People Data Technology (MPDT) - was recognized as one of the best innovation projects at the 11th Annual Time for Innovation Awards. The awarding ceremony was held at Expo 2020 in Dubai during the business program of the Russian pavilion. read more

Romir and Inteco Determined the preferences of Generations X, Y and Z While Choosing a new apartment

«The value of time and the desire for mobility are a priority for the Zs. It is important to get a turnkey solution, without unnecessary loss of time and money», – commented Andrey Milekhin, President of Romir Research Holding, Doctor of Sociology. read more

Andrei Milekhin was re-elected vice-president of the Gallup International Association

During the plenary session of the conference, the composition of the Board of Directors of the Association was renewed. The right to head the GIA was retained by the newly elected president of the Association Kancho Stoychev. Andrei Milekhin, founder of the Mile group and doctor of sociology, retained the position of vice president. read more

Lecture for MSU students on the territory of Mile group practitioners

Andrey Milekhin, the founder of Mile group, Doctor of Sociology, professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University, oversees the joint program of Romir and Moscow State University "Methodology and Methods of Sociological Research. read more

Andrey Milekhin shared the experience of innovative research with business representatives of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The meeting was attended by representatives of medium and large businesses from the retail and FMCG, banking and telecom sectors, and developers. Andrey Milekhin shared with them information about an innovative tool for the comprehensive study of the person in society MILE People Data Technology. read more